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Looking for tips to apply self-tan in the best possible way? Using our 60 minute tan couldn’t be easier and here, we’ve compiled a short list of top tips for self-tan and how to create a great one!

So, before you begin, remember that preparation is the key! So, exfoliate away to your heart’s content (using a scrub that’s not oil based). Remove all your make-up and any moisturisers, sun screen or body oil as these will act as a barrier and prevent the fake tan solution from taking hold the way it needs to.  (Lip balm, lip stick, lip gloss and mascara are fine to leave on).

Now, if you have any areas of dry skin, now’s the time to dab a small amount of moisturiser on them – these areas are normally the knees, ankles, elbows, hands and wrists. The moisturiser will stop the tan from building up.

If you need to shave, wax or thread, we recommend you do this the day before. Skin can sometimes become a little bit more sensitive straight after these treatments. It’s also worth letting you know that shaving is a little like exfoliating so try not to do this straight after you’ve applied the tan – whether it’s a 60 minute tan or not.

When it comes to applying the fake tan solution, focus on the large areas of your body first – limbs, stomach, and back. Once you’ve done these, you can point your attention to your feet, ankles, knees and neck. If at any point you see the tan developing into a darker shade than you’d like, just grab a towel and buff the self-tan product off.

Now all this is done, it’s important you look after your skin if you’d like your self-tan to last a little longer. And the key to this? Simple hydration! Drink plenty and apply a moisturiser regularly and your colour will be prolonged…

So, now you’re armed with some top tips on how to get the best self-tan, we wish you all the best in your quest for healthy, tanned skin!

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