Montana Tan 1 Hour Mousse and Mitt Gift Pack

So very often, we come across people basking in the sunshine or booking minutes to sit under a sunbed lamp. Of course, it's down to choice and so, here we are, explaining to you 3 great reasons you should tan from a bottle instead of a lamp (or the sun). 

Firstly, while the skin is exposed to the harsh UV rays of sun showers or natural sunshine, it's being damaged. By using spray tans or tanning mousses, your skin is being cared for, exfoliated (beforehand) and moisturised (afterwards). 

Of course, this all helps to keep your skin looking brighter, healthier and younger - another bonus to choosing self-tan lotion. 

And finally, but definitely not least, it's instant! Depending on whether you choose our instant tan or our 1 hour solution, you can exfoliate, tan and be ready, looking and feeling great within minutes!

What's not to love?!

We recommend our Montana Tan 1 hour mousse - it's easy to apply, dries qiuckly and leaves you feeling healthy and naturally glowing...without the sun damage!