Montana Tan Pre-Tan Exfoliator

Preparing for your skin properly for your spray tan will give you the best fake tan - we've got some top tips here to help you achieve a gorgeous tan! 


This gets your skin perfect for the tanning solution and will make you feel great too. Be sure not to use an oily exfoliator as this can create a barrier between the tan and your skin. 


Make sure you remove any unwanted hair at least 24 hours before or after your tan - this will give your skin time to heal or stop your skin being stripped of the fake tan you've just used.


Be sure to complete any moisturising the night before you tan - the oils can lock the tan out of your skin. The same goes for deodorant - don't wear any the day of your tan.


This ensures the best tan without streaks. Start at your ankles and work upwards.


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Here's a link to our pre-tan exfoliator - it works beautifully, scrubs skin well and gets your skin ready for a a natural looking tan!