The time is here that we start hunting for the best fake tan or the fastest instant tan - the summer is on its way out now and we're surrounded by the beauty of Autumn.

But, here at Montana HQ, we understand all the difficulties you might be facing - which is why we develpoed our gorgeous range of tanning products. 

Something super important to us is that our products are paraben free - this means they're much kinder to our bodies and keep us looking and feeling happy and healthy. 

Our tans are long-lasting - they give great coverage in a natural colour and keep going and going. (If you add our tan extending moisturiser, you'll be looking and feeling great for even longer!).

And...the tan fades naturally. No unsightly marks, just gentle fading. 

Our fake tan products are odourless too...and of course, transfer-resistant! They'll not rub off the second you brush your newly sun-kissed skin against something!

We understand how tricky it can be to find your perfect fake tan but we've developed a great range of gorgeous products to help you look and feel naturally healthy...