Montana Tan 1 Hour Lotion and Mitt Gift Pack

Happy Halloween - and welcome to this week's blog where we'll be telling you about the spooky offer we currently have on the best fake tan gift set!

With the cold snap now here, the darker mornings and the evenings drawing to a close earlier and earlier, we thought we'd help you get the best fake tan - at the best price too. 

How you feel about your skin and yourself is really important to us - and so, here's how we can help you feel great!

One of our top fake tans is the 1 hour tanning lotion - easy to prepare for using our top exfoliator, you can apply it easily using our tanning mitt. The mitt helps to create a streak-free tan which is evenly applied and looks natural too.

Once you've done that, you can prolong your lovely tan by using our tan extending moisturiser - it's a gorgeously hydrating lotion that feels beautiful on the skin and really helps it to maintain the tan and feel great too. 

The cool weather may well be here but you can still feel sunkissed and healthy with our gorgeous tanning lotions. And here, we're offering you a great price on our 1 hour lotion gift pack - treat yourself for Halloween...or just because!