It's great to exfoliate and moisturise regularly but did you know, that helping your skin from the inside out will be far more effective.

Aside from drinking plenty of water, introducing fruit and vegetables to your diet will make you look and feel great!

We discovered that the 5 foods easiest to eat and with the best health benefits are....


High in Vitamin C, these will keep your skin firm and will prevent free-radical damage (wich can cause premature aging).


Containing beta-carotene, which the body then converts into Vitamin A, these will make your skin glow and fight wrinkles too!


So high in Vitamin C which is needed to create collagen. Simply add the juice of a half a lemon to warm water first thing in the morning!


Packed full of antioxidants, which will make your skin radiant from within. They also contain malic acid - a natural whitening agent.


Super-rich in lycopene - with anti-aging properties. They also act as a natural sunscreen from the inside.  They also help to tighten pores and reduce wrinkles.

And so, you see - everyday fruit and veg with magic powers!